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About NIMC

-NIMC is a job community platform for new generation gig economy. It is designed specially for Indian employment market.
-We strive to create a united job community that helps you find your ideal job in your own city without having to hustle.
-We are creating a way to help candidates get hired and earn based on their skill sets without having to leave their home.
-We empower job seekers by being there for them at every step of their journey. From building resumes to preparing for interviews. We also provide them post-employment assistance.
-Women wishing to start or restart their careers are also a focus of the platform. We also work to empower women by assisting them in realising their full potential.
-Not only does it provide job search services, but it also provides job skill training, pre-job counselling, and on-the-job counselling.
-Our company also offers an automatic resume creating service for new employees and for those who do not know how to write a resume.
-Additionally, we provide a virtual job fair where hundreds of businesses and thousands of applicants can converse.

Our Mission

We aim to empower the gig economy and blue-collar jobs,
and empower women by helping them get a job in their
native city and become financially independent.

Our Vision

“Har Haath Ko Kaam” To transform lives and become the
top-most trusted, reputable, and preferred
job community.

I am a Employer
-Nimc facilitates fast hiring.
-Upon employer request, we also perform candidate verification.
-Easy & Hassle free job posting.     
I am an Job Seeker
-Naukri Chahiye, Call Lgaiye
-Give us a missed call & we’ll call you back.
-Just say which language you prefer and we'll do the rest