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Beware of Job Scammers


If a job offer seems too good to be true while you're hunting for one, it probably is! When looking for your next job, it's crucial to use good judgement.

What is a Job Scam ?

A Job Scam happens when a fraudster assumes the identity of an employer or recruiter and presents job seekers with alluring employment chances in exchange for an upfront payment.

Job scams come in a variety of forms. The most prominent are :

False job posting

A dream job is listed in a Job Advertisement post. The excited job seeker submits an application, providing details, and even pays a modest charge for a resume review or interview. Tragically, they will never hear from the "employer" again because the job does not exist.

Bogus hiring

An supposed representative from a reputable agency or hiring company contacts a target and requests money to pay for a job screening. Even though the "representative" is a fraud, the position may actually exist, and the victim's money will go straight into the fraudster's pocket.

Fraudulent emails

An email is used to target a victim in this scam. It offers the victim a good job in exchange for sharing sensitive information first. The victim will be providing their personal information to a fraudster if they consent.


“Amazon has just shortlisted your resume! Pay: 8 LPA.
“Earn 2k to 3k per day by performing easy copy-paste tasks”

“Best for stay-at-home moms and retired people - earn 1000 to 2,000 per day by just sending SMS”

You often delete such messages from your SMS log and email. Do these emails jam up your inbox? Why do you think such undesired, intolerable messages with unreal offers still proliferate nowadays with all the effective SEO techniques?

Well, it's because a good chunk of people believe that these emails will help them in their quest to land the ideal employment opportunity.

Fraudulent employment offers are so convincing, they can easily entice even the most attentive people.

For instance, a surprising hoax discovery was made to a budding marketer who had been asked by a renowned organisation to fill the position of marketing manager. She was enticed by an attractive monthly salary of 2 to 4 lac rupees, along with free transportation, and meals.

She was intelligent enough to thoroughly investigate their whereabout & was stunned to learn that a con escort service had devised such a cunning plot.

Red Flags

  • The unkempt emails arriving from a variety of strange email addresses and carrying grammatically incorrect job descriptions.
  • The business doesn't have a physical address.
  • The salary provided is exaggerated.
  • Before a formal contract is signed, you are requested to provide personal information.
  • Requesting payment in exchange for a simple task or a fast interview.

Tips to save yourself from Job Scam

  • Use a reliable source to confirm the business's existence and web presence.
  • Unsubscribe from the mailing list by scrolling to the bottom of such emails.
  • Never be hesitant to ask the employer any questions you may have on the organisation or position.
  • Perform extensive research before applying for or accepting a job offer.
  • Never give out personal information in a rush, including your address, Aadhaar number, or even the last few numbers of your bank account number.

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